28 Aralık 2010 Salı


Fuori Salone - Gaia&Gino.Beautiful, talented, Turkish entrepreneur Gaye Cevikel poses besides British design stars, Jasper Morrison and Tom Dixon at the party, for the Gaia & Gino collection in the Sportmax boutique. This year's superstar designer was Andree Putman with her Lucky tabletop collection. Also presented this year, for the first time, Gino the Dog collection, a series of dog accessories designed by eight selected students from the California College of the Arts, under the direction of Yves Behar. Please note, that Gino is the name of Gaye's beautiful golden retriever dog. Jasper Morrison proudly announced "I have been coming to the Milan Furniture Fair for twenty-six years." Whereas, Tom Dixon has always wanted to get into the Guinness Book of Records. This year's Milan design week, provided the perfect platform to realize his closeted ambition. At, Milan Malpensa Airport, Dixon designed and installed a 45 metre sofa which was sponsored by Bombay Sapphire. And, guess what color it was? Yes, Sapphire Blue. The current record, of a 35 metres sofa, is held by Natuzzi. Let's hope, Tom will fulfill his long time dream.
www.gaiagino.com www.jaspermorrison.com www.tomdixon.net www.bombaysapphire.com www.cca.edu www.andreeputman.com www.natuzzi.com www.malpensairport.com

Please indulge me in another dog accessory. Here is beautiful Maggie, she was a guest at the Gaia & Gino party and kindly, for the small fee of a dog biscuit, agreed to pose for me. She was literally Cornered, because that is the name of the dog house, designed by Richie Tanaka, one of the students from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco. The new line Gino the Dog consists of eight elected student projects, directed by Yves Behar, each with a unique set of ideas that appeals to both canine and human intelligence. Thank you Maggie.

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